Portable Jump Starter Battery Pack 800A 18000mAh

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Never get caught with a dead car battery ever again! This portable jumper starter battery pack features huge cranking power that can jump start virtually anything from small cars to industrial machinery. Simply plug the jumper cables in and press the boost button to jump start even the flattest of batteries. Crammed with a host of additional outs, including 2 x USB ports, 1 x 12v and 1 x 19v, the battery pack can charge all your gadgets and gismos whilst on the move, whether it's a phone, a tablet, a laptop. Packing a massive 18,000mAh battery it is capable of charging an iPhone 7 nine times.

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  • Ultra-compact design (225x89x30mm)
  • High-output, high-capacity
  • Easily jump starts even high-displacement, V8 engines
  • x2 Quick Charge USB ports
  • 19v 3.5A and 12v 10A output port (with a range of adapters) to charge practically everything
  • LED Flash Light with multiple functions
  • Intelligent jumper cable 
  • Power level indicator
  • 800A Peak Current
  • 400A Starting Current
  • 18,000mAh