Bburago 1:18 Ferrari F40 Die Cast Model

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£90.00 GBP
Hugely detailed 1:18 scale model of a Ferrari F40. This Original Series model has been reproduced with the tooling that was used to create the original much-loved Bburago models more than 15 years ago. They've been off the market for so long due to exclusive distribution agreements, but now passionate fans will once again be able to add this iconic model to their collections. The car is packed with features both inside and out, with authentic parts that have been perfectly replicated including the engine and car interior.
  • Detail model of a Ferrari F40
  • 1:18 scale size
  • Incredibly detailed and feature packed
  • Opening doors and hood
  • Part of the Bburago Original Series
  • Authentic engine compartment
  • Made using the original tooling of these beloved models