Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze 500ml

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The Auto Finesse Ultra glaze is a non-abrasive acrylic polymer enriched glaze designed to enhance paintwork whilst reducing the appearance of fine swirls.

For hand or machine use, it makes metallic pop, dark colours deeper and reds more fiery.

Hand Application 

We recommend using either a microfibre, or dual foam applicator pad. Apply a small-coin sized drop of product to the applicator and work into the paint with light pressure. Use either circular, or linear hand motions. For best results, confine yourself to working a small area at a time (no larger than 18 by 18 square inch) and leave the product to haze for several minutes before buffing off the residue using a microfibre towel. For maximum performance, use a microfibre applicator or the black-side of the dual foam applicator pad for maximum gloss.

Dual Action Polisher 

For application by Dual Action (DA) polisher, we recommend using a light foam finishing pad. Apply 2-3 small-coin sized drops to the pad and spread onto a small area of the paint (no larger than 18 by 18 square inch) using the lowest setting on the machine. Afterwards, work the product in using slow, even, overlapping passes, light pressure and a moderate speed setting (4000 OPM) until you see the residue starting to turn clear. At this stage back the speed down to its lowest, or second lowest setting and reduce pressure for one more pass. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a microfibre towel. For maximum gloss and finishing potential, a foam finishing pad is ideal. For maximum polishing performance, or when working on harder paint types, we would recommend a slightly firmer foam polishing pad.