Be A Wagon T-Shirt

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  • With the world in a seemingly endless downward spiral of doom, everyone is buying SUVs. Perhaps it is for an unspoken zombie apocalypse. They must think the mass of the bloated SUV will easily plough through walls of the undead. But what if they get stopped? The SUV is tall, its centre of gravity is high and can be tipped easily. The answer instead is the unwavering steed we all know as the wagon. One so fast that they'll never catch you.
Product Features
  • 100% cotton
  • 150gsm
  • Euro fit
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Machine wash
Size Guide (Chest):

S – 34/36
M – 38
L – 40/42
XL – 44/46
2XL – 48/50

 [Please note that this item is not tumble dryer safe]

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