Kleen Freaks Interior Trim Detailer 250ml

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Kleen Freaks Interior Trim Detailer is a super simple to use all-purpose interior cleaner that leaves your cockpit looking and smelling fresh. With the wipe of a cloth, dirt and dust are lifted from the most stubborn of places, and no sticky residue is left behind. 

With a killer Grape Soda scent, we've even known customers just spray this on their seats and carpets to keep their upholstery smelling great! 

Bottle size: 250ml

Spray a fine mist directly onto a clean microfibre cloth. Wipe over your trim and buff until dry.

Alternatively spray directly onto your trim and wipe with a foam applicator or microfibre cloth taking care not to saturate the surface. A little of this product goes a long way, use sparingly.

Tip : Spray directly onto carpets and mats under your seat to release the fresh berry scent.