P12 OBD II Diagnostics Display

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This onboard OBD II display is perfect for monitoring real-time engine data, reading and clearing fault codes and measuring 0-60 times. Get set up in minutes with the included instruction manual and start accurately tracking your driving performance immediately!  Ultra slim design with high-resolution LCD screen. Simply peel off the sticky 3M strip from the bottom of the unit and place on your dashboard
Become a better driver with the P12 Head Up Display!
  • Use the speedo to accurately control your speed in low speed areas
  • Use the shift reminder function to drive more efficiently
  • Use the Fuel Consumption monitor to reduce your fuel costs
Product Features
  • High-definition 4.3" LCD screen, non-destructive installation, easy operation.
  • Practical driving data: speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, mileage, travel time.
  • Read fault codes.
  • Connect to the OBDII port in seconds via included cable.
  • Provides speed, voltage and temperature warnings.
  • Low distraction, one-click controller, seven display modes with adjustable font colour
  • Measures 0-60 acceleration time.
  • Adjustable measurement units.
  • Reads fault codes and displays warning lights.
Product Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 2.2 cm
Boxed-product Weight: 170 g
Box contains
  • P12 Diagnostics Display
  • 1.5m OBD II to Mini USB cable 
  • Spare adhesive pad
  • Instruction booklet 

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